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The auto finance process can often be fraught with complications and inconveniences. Customers often find it hard to get approved for the car or truck and, even when they are, they often find themselves tethered to costly and protracted car loans. Lease Deals Direct offers a new and more rewarding auto finance experience to our friends and neighbors in the NYC and NJ area. Offering the most affordable prices, the largest selection of vehicles and a convenient online application process, we are ready to help you get into your next car or truck. Call Lease Deals Direct today at 347-625-1065 to find out what we can do for you.

Auto Financing You Can Trust

It’s not uncommon for lessees and buyers alike to be fear the cost and inconvenience often associated with the traditional auto finance process. Dealerships routinely try to charge them too much and rope them into long and drawn out finance agreements. Lease Deals Direct offers the flexibility, affordability and convenience you need and deserve when leasing your next car or truck. Rather than deplete your savings by buying a car outright, you can have the peace of knowing that you or someone you care about is driving a clean, comfortable and meticulously maintained vehicle. We very much look forward to helping you find the car or truck that’s right for you.

Streamlined and Direct Approval Process

The auto finance process starts with you browsing our extensive online selection of quality pre-owned and low-mileage vehicles. We offer all the makes and models you’ve come to know and love. If you don’t find the car or truck you want, we will be happy to try and locate it for you. Once you have located the vehicle you want, simply contact one of our experienced and qualified leasing agents to find out about the next step in the process. Call Lease Deals Direct today at 347-625-1065 to find out more about our auto finance options and what we can do for you.

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